Monday, November 10, 2014

A sad visit at Pesiaran Apec, cyberjaya

Hankering for a subway can lead you to interesting places. Some corner of a place you'd only pass by (e.g. Bukit Bintang) or down an alley where you weren't sure what you were getting into. This was not one of those places. The outlet was part of a petrol station trying to be a rest area. Only it wasn't. By some manner of poor planning, the people who pass by are those likely forced to because the more convenient place to put an exit was overlooked by the town planners. The outlet wasn't all bad physically but what makes an outlet are the staff. 
Primarily manned by what seemed to be students, some possibly foreign, from a nearby University. I was expecting at least a serviceable experience but I walked out disappointed. It seemed that what could be wrong, was. Tables not cleaned but there was a crowd of staff behind the counter, getting in each other's way or taking a break and snacking. No apologies over there being no water from the soda dispenser other than a sign. No offer for the alternative bottled version either so people just took their subs with hot coffee or tea. Later the crowd of staff thinned because a few of them moved outside into the dining area. They were seemed to be more interested in the song being played than doing anything. Some later went out for a smoke in front of the restaurant, not far from where the alfresco seating was. Not that the place was empty. There was a steady stream of people even if it was in the middle of the afternoon. But people just came in for take out. They either knew what the deal was with this outlet or took a look and decided otherwise. It seemed all of the staff was a junior or part-time, with no supervision or supervisor in sight. But then I guess that was the problem. Business was good despite of everything. So there wasn't a need to be awesome. Not even to just be good enough.  

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